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Modelis: SpeedCAM

SpeedCAM - certified speed enforcement camera with the world’s No. 1 ANPR engine

The new SpeedCAM in its third generation version, is in fact a high performance combination of purpose-built recognition camera, onboard plate recognition software and certified speed measurement tool.

This camera effectively covers all most common plate types on the planet by default, via its 4 – selectable – pre-installed, fully functional plate recognition engines, optimized for different regions of the World. SpeedCAM’s processing capacity is lightning fast, thanks to parallel multi-core operation, an integrated radar sensing the approaching vehicle, plus an integrated vehicle detection algorithm to ensure that the camera processes just the relevant images. The built-in radar is also capable of returning certified speed measurement of the vehicles. This feature makes SpeedCAM a cost-efficient speed enforcement camera. Night vision is supported by built-in smart illumination featuring synchronized flash mode. Https remote access is possible via 4G/LTE – precise location data is guaranteed by the camera’s GPS. A rugged IK10 and IP67 industrial grade housing protects SpeedCAM’s advanced technology.

ARH’s proprietary Advanced Technology enables unrivalled precision in ANPR. See all model variation details in the technical specifications section. This trusted product is backed up by ARH’s 3-year warranty.
SpeedCAM offers:
  • Processing performance way above the forefront of the industry
  • Onboard license plate recognition and speed measurement

SpeedCAM provides solution for common problems by:
  • Using the integrated speed radar as trigger for imaging and for speed measuring
  • Boosting camera performance via proprietary VehDet algorithm
  • Extended smart lighting options for perfect imaging

SpeedCAM is ideal for:
  • Fixed speed enforcement without loops or piezo sensors
  • High-speed ANPR without missing any event
Production Code SpeedCAM-03-4562
Generation Third
Function of the second sensor Advanced Vision
Resolution (primary + secondary) 2048 × 1536 + 1280 × 960
Typical frame rate (primary + secondary) 30FPS + 54FPS
Optical zoom (primary camera) 3.3×
Image Buffer / Event Storage (approx.) 500 / 30K
Illumination wavelength 850 nm (infrared)
Optimal OCR range at ambient light 10 m ‒ 20 m
Built-in Vehicle Detection Included
Built-in RADAR YES (K-band)
On-board computer (independent CPU cores) ARM 2×766 MHz + Intel Atom 4×1.9 GHz
Operating temperature range -45 °C ‒ 70 °C
IP & IK rating IP67 & IK10
Full remote access YES (HTTPs)
Optional accessories I/O Cables, FreewayCAM IR-Light3, Junction Box
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