Ready-to-use ANPR/LPR based access control and parking system

: ParkIT System®

Parkit System® - ready-to-use ANPR / LPR based access control and parking system

ParkIT System® is a license plate based turnkey solution for vehicle access control and parking management. It offers you complete vehicle entry/exit control and surveillance with license plate database matching and detailed event recording, including images. ParkIT System® allows standalone care-free operation in any controlled vehicle entry environment, without requiring programming or other specialized skills. The entire secure system is encrypted and offers remote web access via browser or even a mobile phone – meaning you will always be in control. What’s more, ParkIT System® helps you to become GDPR compliant. Use it, customize it, expand it any time – according to your project’s needs.

Components of the system include ParkIT Camera(s), or FreewayCAM(s), the industry-leading CARMEN® ANPR/LPR engine, ParkIT® Application software and an optional pre-installed and pre-configured server. ParkIT System® has been designed and developed with the entire system in mind – to function seamlessly as a complete package, yet offers further expansion alternatives. This is a highly flexible and customizable solution for any size of application: from small residential to large industrial, commercial or institutional installations – even for multiple sites.

ParkIT System® offers:
  • Fast and secure automated, documented vehicle access
  • Economical operation and quick ROI
  • Reliable, fast and accurate character recognition – CARMEN® ANPR engine

ParkIT System® provides solution for common problems by:

  • Simple ANPR/LPR-based access permission – with or without key, card or code
  • Easy installation and setup, straightforward network connection
  • Easily manageable web based graphical user interface
  • Live system status and occupancy report
  • Direct control option with the cameras

ParkIT System® is ideal for providing automated vehicle access at:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Gated communities
  • Car parking structures
  • Hotels, business parks
  • Government and military installations
  • Commercial sites
  • Logistics
Server The system is optionally shipped with pre-installed industrial server per location.
Integration options Built-in control for most gate, loop, sensor controllers.
Open API to integrate with any external systems like pay stations, ticketing machines, parking systems.
Export/ import: blacklist, whitelist, reports, permissions, event lists.
Device manager: documented driver interface to additional external devices: alarms, lights, signs, sensors …
Camera options ARH cameras are recommended and 3rd-party camera compatibility is available.
Gate, barrier control Direct control available from camera opto-isolated OUT port. At 3rd party cameras: via a MOXA ioLogik E1212* device
External hardware trigger Direct connectivity option to the camera opto-isolated IN port. At 3rd party cameras: via a MOXA ioLogik E1212* device
Junction Box (optional) Connection BOX between the following devices: ParkIT Camera, barrier & loop controller, power.
Recommended ANPR camera range 3 m – 12 m
Basic functionality Vehicle license plate is read by ANPR/LPR cameras when a car arrives at the checkpoint.
Automated gate control. Integrated personal access control (proxy card readers).
Number of checkpoints Scalable from small 1-2 camera systems to large projects. Multi-location support.
Main screen content Access from any web browser or smartphone.
Live camera images can be flexibly organized in different sizes.
All data of the actual automated entry/exit events are displayed: license plate, car features: color, car type, owner names, companies, card numbers etc.
Permission management Blacklist / Whitelist
Permissions by: persons, vehicles, companies, access cards, tenant groups
Flexible time permission zones
Integrated personal and vehicle access control
Parking functions Custom parking zone structure within one location.
Multi-location support: Central event list and permission update.
Available parking space count, actual parking car list.
Statistics, search Reports by: persons, vehicles, companies, access cards, tenant groups, time periods.
User management User groups with predefined permissions (admin, installer, guard, supervisor).
Custom user group option.
Supported cameras ARH special access control cameras are recommended (optional). ANPR/LPR and overview cameras are available with IR illumination, color and B&W versions with IR illumination. 3rd-party camera compatibility: MJPEG over http stream (multipart MIME format) or JPEG snapshot.
Supported plate types The recognition is country- and character-independent: all Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Cyrillic characters recognized. The applied CARMEN® OCR engine is proven worldwide for over 20+ years.
Supported languages The user interface is available in any language (language file required).

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