ARH Inc.
ARH Inc develops, manufactures and offers highly reliable intelligent software and devices that process images and data in the identification and transportation management sectors.

The company's clients are system integrators who develop innovative solutions for their partners by incorporating ARH's state-of-the-art technology.

ARH entered the market in 1991, and since the beginning the company has been committed to innovation, quality and reliability. All elements of its business model converge on building strong partnerships by gaining customer satisfaction. ARH puts a special emphasis on supporting its partners with the common goal of developing successful businesses.
Nortech International

Nortech International is synonymous with Parking and Traffic detectors and has since established the HeadCount and IdentiPark brands. With more than 45 years of experience, Nortech offers excellent value for money, ongoing peace of mind and an understanding of diverse cultures and markets around the world.

Combining a legacy of innovation with our culture of invention help us see opportunities a changing environment presents. The Nortech range of state-of-the art and purpose-driven detection solutions - detectors, software and systems - are invented from scratch. They are engineered to detect, count, classify and identify at various levels.

We are fanatical about supplying a range of quality products consistently and without compromise. Whether the detector is detecting for one year or twenty years - it works. Our warranty policy reflects our confidence in our ability to provide a high-quality, reliable, stable and durable product. You know what you are getting when it comes from Nortech.