Looking for a simple desktop app to transform any video stream into ANPR results? Now you can easily create your own system, without the need for ANPR integration. Capitalizing on our 27 years of in-depth background knowledge, we used smart engineering to save you time and effort. We have created the easy-to-use and intuitive CARMEN® GO, the plug-and-play ANPR application. Setup only takes a few clicks: link your live video stream input to CARMEN® GO and you will get car plate data directly from the stream. In fact, up to 8 streams can be connected to a single license.

CARMEN® GO is a camera independent solution, since it can accept the streams of any IP camera from any vendor. CARMEN® GO uses the same industry leader CARMEN® ANPR engine that is at the heart of top ANPR/LPR systems around the world. At the same time, it offers the unrivalled benefit of self-adjusting settings to achieve optimal results. This is how we can make sure that CARMEN® GO produces the best possible result based on the given stream.

An innovative and extremely practical feature of CARMEN® GO is a purely image based vehicle detection (VehDet) algorithm. This self-learning mechanism has multiple functions. Firstly, it signals the presence of a vehicle in the stream for the ANPR engine. In practice, it makes other vehicle sensors – or triggers – unnecessary. VehDet saves time, costs and efforts. Secondly, VehDet assists the ANPR process by estimating vehicle position, license plate size, traffic direction, view of angle and plate distortion. These values are likely to remain constant for the given stream. Automatically optimized settings make ANPR faster and more reliable. A third advantage of VehDet is a no-lost-event operation. As the algorithm is seeking vehicle shapes rather than car plates in the video steam, it will be able to document passing vehicles with no plate, damaged plate or illegible plate.

CARMEN® GO is our most user-friendly Automatic Number Plate Recognition product yet. Discover more at
CARMEN® GO offers:
  • License plate reading directly from any video stream
  • Trouble-free plug-and-play setup
  • Intuitive user interface (GUI)
  • Stream processed automatically, no need for vehicle sensor or image preselection
  • Self-optimized operation for best results


CARMEN® GO provides solutions for common problems by:

  • Eliminating time-consuming system integration
  • Requiring no in-depth background knowledge about ANPR technology
  • Supporting virtually any camera (IP cameras and CCTV)
  • Recognizing not only Latin characters but also Arabic and Thai, Chinese, Cyrillic alphabets and many more


CARMEN® GO is ideal for:

  • Small-scale and large-scale users alike (24 different license options in total)
  • Private estates as well as campus traffic surveillance
  • Parking lot and traffic monitoring
  • Gas stations, shopping centers, visitor parking areas – wherever simple-to-operate license plate registration is useful
Available versions SINGLE / DUAL / QUAD
Supported operating systems Windows 7 / Windows 10
Supported platforms x86_32 | x86_64
Suggested CPU cores 2 / 2 / 4
NNC required, available NNC types USB (internal 4 pin or type A), PCIe card (×1), Mini PCIe
Available tools CARMEN® GO application
Supported programming languages C language
Engine update availability one year from purchase included, optional subscription available on yearly basis
Capacity (images/day) unlimited
Processing threads 1 / 2 / 4 parallel threads
Credit buffer unlimited
Input Live video stream: (RTSP (H.264); MJPEG)
Video: (MKV (H.264); MP4 (H.264); ASF (MPEG4)
1–8 parallel – selectable at purchase
  • Local CSV file
  • Internal Database
  • Data Stream (SDK available)
  • Direct FTP upload
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