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ParkIT® - camera for automated LPR-based parking management

PARKIT CAMERA is an ANPR camera created with plate-based access control and drive-through applications in mind. It is purpose built: we already eliminated all the typical problem sources you might come across – from installation through setup all the way to the user experience, ParkIT Camera designed to work for you.

The ParkIT Camera integrates seamlessly to function optimally in automatic vehicle access systems. This plug and play camera – with its trigger input and barrier/gate control output functions – replaces manual or remote controls. It conveniently operates as a vital part of a system allowing you to be in control of who is granted access. In effect, ParkIT Camera is your gatekeeper and your parking administrator all at the same time.

Installing the device is straightforward: for cabling, you don’t need to open the unit, just connect it to the junction box and the plug and play barrier control function is already available. You can also hide the cables in the easy-to-install pan-tilt bracket. Many functions help you to set up the camera in no time, such as auto brightness, automatic day/night switch and synchronized built-in IR LED illumination. The result you get is ready for ANPR – day in, day out.

ParkIT Camera offers:
  • Barrier control functions
  • Trigger input capabilities
  • Easy Plug and Play installation and auto-setup wizard for simple configuration
  • Embedded webserver for remote web access

ParkIT provides solution for common problems by:
  • Automatic brightness control optimized for ANPR/LPR
  • Built-in IR LED illumination synchronized with image capturing
  • Offering direct connection to barrier control and trigger

ParkIT Camera is ideal for:
  • Complete vehicle access control solutions (like ParkIT System®)
  • Drive-through applications
Production Code ParkITCAM-01-1150 ParkITCAM-01-7250
Generation first
Resolution 752 × 480 2048 × 1536
Typical frame rate 60 FPS
Optical zoom (primary camera) 11×
Image Buffer (approx.) 500 150
Illumination wavelength 850 nm (infrared)
Optimal OCR range at ambient light 4 m – 20 m (13 feet – 65 feet)
Built-in Video analytics Motion Detection
On-board computer (independent CPU cores)
Operating temperature range -20 °C – 70 °C
IP & IK rating IP 65
Full remote access Yes (HTTP)
Optional accessories Junction box
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