ITS measurement point TRAFFICSPOT


TRAFFICSPOT® - Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) measurement point

TrafficSpot® collects valuable road traffic data – in the city or on the open road. It is an innovative yet field tested complex automatic solution that helps traffic authorities (or highway management organizations) to monitor traffic, optimize traffic control, collect road toll and generally streamline transportation. As a flagship solution of ARH’s ITS portfolio, it is in line with a new Smart City endeavor: to automatically forecast, recognize and manage challenging traffic issues.

In effect, TrafficSpot® is a single-gantry, multilane site control system. Designed for automatic traffic monitoring with multiple sensors, it gathers a wide range of data. TrafficSpot automatically recognizes any kind of number plates (ANPR), measures the dimensions of each passing vehicle, counts the axles and classifies the vehicle accordingly into one of the predefined categories. Furthermore, TrafficSpot® has a weigh-in-motion (WIM) option and it can also detect traffic offences like speeding, driving through reds, solid (white) line crossing and the illegal use of an emergency or bus lane. It addresses the most challenging requirements:

  • It can deal with free-flow high speed as well as stop-and-go traffic situations
  • Records each vehicle that drives through the gate so that no vehicle remains undetected
  • Contains cutting-edge functions like real-time health-monitoring and remote access, which make TrafficSpot® the most innovate lane control solution of today’s market

In short, TrafficSpot is a flexibly customizable turnkey solution with the benefit of being platform-independent – ready to be integrated to any local or national infrastructure of traffic management or toll collection system.

TrafficSpot® offers:
  • Single gantry road monitoring with 100% detection of passing vehicles
  • Exceptional plate recognition accuracy – thanks to World’s No. 1 Carmen® ANPR engine
  • Optional weigh-in-motion (WIM) module

TrafficSpot® provides solutions for common problems by:

  • Monitoring multiple lanes simultaneously
  • Applying non-intrusive (image based) analytics
  • Ensuring highest server-side data security via load balancer and geo-redundancy
  • Using secured data transfer with low bandwidth usage
  • Local processing and local (encrypted) data storing

TrafficSpot® is ideal for:

  • Complex multi-sensor traffic monitoring – in the city or on the open road
  • Weight measurement
  • Speed enforcement
  • Maintaining road, tunnel and bridge security
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Border control
  • Road toll collection

Available sensors:

  • Doppler-radar (hardware trigger, vehicle-type categorization and certifiable speed detection)
  • FreewayCAM front and rear view ANPR/LPR camera
  • FreewayCAM overview camera
  • 3D laser scanner (triggering, vehicle-type categorization)
  • Side view optical scanner (axle count)
  • CARMEN® ANPR/LPR software (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc. characters)
  • Other sensors including WIM are available on request

Typical data structure:

  • Text data: location ID, event ID, lane ID, GPS location and timestamp, vehicle plate country code, front and rear number/license plate, vehicle category, axle count, speed, onboard unit (OBU) data, verification
  • Optical data: front and rear vehicle plate; front view, rear view and overview
  • Data Output: xml, binary


Recommended installation height: 6 m; max. 10 m
Typical lane width: 4 m
Operating temperature: -30 °C to +65 °C; from -50 °C with auxiliary heating
IP rating: IP65
Speed limit: up to 250 km/h
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