Dopler radar FreewayCAM RAD-AR

: FreewayCAM RAD-AR

FreewayCAMRAD-AR - radar Extension for Hardware Triggering

Why use a radar kit with your camera? It is a trigger. In other words, it helps to select frames of passing vehicles – where ANPR is necessary. The benefit: no need to run the ANPR on each and every frame. Without triggering the camera or the ANPR system is forced to run the license plate recognition algorithm on every single frame, which requires extensive processing power and eventually leads to dropped images and lost events.

FreewayCAM RAD-AR is a plug and play radar kit which means that installation is simple: the box contains the RAD-AR itself, an I/O cable and a bracket – all you need is common tools to mount it. As soon as the unit is connected to the camera, it is adjustable through the camera’s interface. FreewayCAM RAD-AR as an LPR radar is the most efficient, off-the-shelf, non-intrusive hardware trigger available for FreewayCAM or SmartCAM cameras.

We believe in what we create, which is why FreewayCAM RAD-AR has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
FreewayCAM RAD-AR offers
  • Better recognition rates
  • Reduced workload on your system
  • Non-intrusive installation (compared to induction loops)
  • Plug and play design

FreewayCAM RAD-AR provides solution for common problems by:
  • Efficient use of available processing power
  • Selecting the right frames for ANPR processing
  • Being fully compatible with purpose-built plate recognition cameras

FreewayCAM RAD-AR is ideal for:
  • Making the most of ANPR systems – by detecting approaching vehicles
  • Remote control through the recognition camera’s interface

The FreewayCAM RAD-AR provides a high-precision radar trigger even for fast moving vehicles up to 255 km/h (158.5 mph). FreewayCAM RAD-AR is a doppler-radar synchronized with compatible ARH cameras. It uses the K-Band radar frequency 24.165 GHz.

Production Code FreewayRadar-03
Generation Third
Measurement principle Doppler-Radar
Radar frequency 24.165 GHz, K-Band
Operating Temperature -45 °C ‒ 70 °C
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