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Freeway CAM - modular ANPR/LPR camera to make the most out of every ANPR system

FreewayCAM is ARH’s workhorse camera purpose-built for ANPR. The camera is available in several configurations to satisfy every costumer’s need: from the cost efficient WVGA and HD versions – already capable of capturing images of vehicles with the aim of catching each vehicle’s license plate even at high speed (up to 255 km/h or 158.5 mph) – to the high-end FreewayCAM FHD DUAL, which provides everything that a state of the art ANPR camera can offer. All three models are optimized for the CARMEN® ANPR engine, the World’s No. 1 plate recognition engine, which is an original product developed by ARH.
FreewayCAM FHD DUAL’s second sensor serves as part of ARH’s proprietary Advanced Vision technology, which allows unparalleled plate recognition rates and exceptionally efficient operation – further enhanced by an image-based Vehicle Detection (VehDet) and the camera’s built in parity flashing smart illumination.Optional add-ons to FreewayCAM include a fully compatible plug-and-play RAD-AR module and extra illuminators. The camera’s event manager allows users to customize the imaging trigger. Powerful solutions to minimize required bandwidth feature motion detection, vehicle detection and image compression.The camera is protected by an IK10 & IP 67 vandal proof housing. We believe in what we create, which is why FreewayCAM WVGA has a 1-year, while the HDx and the FHD DUAL version have an extended 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
FreewayCAM offers:
  • Vehicle imaging perfect for Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Taking images of license plates to be processed in a central hub
  • Motion Detection and/or Vehicle Detection for image preselection and event management
  • Multiple add-on components including illuminator, radar, induction loop etc.

FreewayCAM provides solution for common problems by:
  • Taking glare-free and shadow-free images, thanks to auto brightness and built-in illuminators
  • Operating very fast, potentially forwarding 8 different outputs simultaneously
  • Spotting vehicles rather than plates, thanks to its integrated image-based VehDet algorithm

FreewayCAM is ideal for:
  • Applications where license plate recognition is performed centrally (rather than aboard the camera)
  • Mission critical applications where extreme weather conditions (cold/heat) are an issue
FreewayCAM FreewayCAM WVGA FreewayCAM HDx FreewayCAM FHD DUAL
Production Code FreewayCAM-02-1150 FreewayCAM-03-6350 (IR850)
FreewayCAM-03-6354 (white)
FreewayCAM-03-4362 (IR850)
FreewayCAM-03-436A (IR760)
Generation Second Third
Function of the second sensor - Advanced Vision
Resolution (primary + secondary) 752 × 480 1440 × 1080 2048 × 1536 + 1280 × 960
Typical frame rate (primary + secondary) 60 FPS 30 FPS 30 FPS + 54 FPS
Optical zoom (primary camera) 11× 3.3×
Image Buffer / Event Storage (approx.) 500 / ‒ 1K / ‒
Illumination wavelength 850 nm (infrared) white or 850 nm (infrared) 760 nm or 850 nm (infrared)
Optimal OCR range at ambient light 4 m ‒ 20 m 10 m ‒ 20 m
Built-in Vehicle Detection Included
Built-in RADAR Optional Radar
On-board computer (independent CPU cores)
Operating temperature range -45 °C ‒ 70 °C
IP & IK rating IP 67 IP 67 & IK 10
Full remote access YES (HTTP) YES (HTTPs)
4G & GPS
Optional accessories I/O Cables, FreewayCAM IR-Light2, FreewayCAM RAD-AR Triggers, Junction Box I/O Cables, FreewayCAM IR-Light3, FreewayCAM RAD-AR Trigger, Junction Box
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